Esthetician Insurance

Without esthetician liability insurance, an unforeseen event can jeopardize your finances and your career. Even skilled professionals acting in full competence can be leveled with a claim for injury or damages at some point in their career. At InsureLMT, we want to provide insurance to estheticians that affords an appropriate level of coverage for the industry, services claims in a fair and expedient manner, and provides members with incredible accessibility to their policies. All for the lowest price in the industry!

Great Coverage, Best Prices

InsureLMT knows that businesses like yours make every dollar count so any investment needs to be as economical as possible - available at a great price and returning great benefits. Our esthetician liability insurance program provides just that with a below-market price of just $94 for our Gold Plan.

Insurance Coverage Highlights:

Our esthetician liability insurance policy provides comprehensive coverage for beauty professionals. This is achieved through applying appropriate coverage with limits that simply make sense for the industry.

General Liability Insurance:

  • What it is: generally known as “slip and fall insurance” this provides coverage for any third-party claims that their injury or property damage was caused by your negligence.
  • Limits: $2 million for an occurrence and a $3 million total for all claims.

Additional Protections:

  • Identity Protection Plan: up to $25,000 in identity fraud recovery services
  • Personal Injury & Advertising Coverage: $2 million

Professional Liability Insurance:

  • What it is: also called “malpractice insurance” this provides coverage for bodily injury or damage that someone alleges came as a result of you providing your service.
  • Limits:$2 million for an occurrence and a $3 million total for all claims.

Coverage & Pricing

  • Occurrence Form CoverageIf a claim is filed for an event that occurred when you had coverage, you will still be covered, even after your policy expires.
  • Professional and General Liability InsuranceIn the case of a malpractice or trip-and-fall scenario, InsureLMT covers $2 million per occurrence, or $3 million per year.
  • Digital Proof of InsuranceReceive an instant digital certificate of coverage after completing your InsureLMT application.
  • Instant CoverageYour coverage begins instantly after completing your InsureLMT application.
  • Identity Protection PlanInsureLMT offers $25,000 worth of coverage that reimburses expenses caused from identity fraud.
  • Personal Injury & Advertising CoverageCovers up to $2 million and can help protect you if you’re accused of libel, slander, or false advertising

Occurrence Form vs. Claims Made

Occurrence form coverage offers members coverage for an event even after their policy has expired as long as the loss-event occurred during the time that the policy was still in effect. We provide this as opposed to claims-made coverage which asserts that a policy must be active in order for a claim to be covered. This can be especially troublesome in the health and beauty field where a claim might not be leveled for weeks after service. If you happen to be providing services near the end of your term and then your policy expires and several weeks later a client alleges your services caused them some form of harm, the reparations they demand could be completely on you with a claims-made policy.

Talk to a Real-Life Insurance Agent

An insurance policy is only as good as the men and women behind the scenes working to make sure you have quick and efficient service before, during, and after your membership. Whether you want to talk through your options before signing up or need immediate assistance with a claim, our skilled in-house agents are ready to provide you expert, professional support. Speak to an Agent Now.

Comparing Esthetician Insurance

Deciding between different options for esthetician insurance can be tough. We want our members to have absolute confidence in their decision to purchase a policy through us so offer a comparison of our program side by side to leading competitors in the beauty insurance industry.


Coverage for the “What-Ifs”

Estheticians use of hands-on application of beauty services places them and their career at risk when an unforeseen event arises. Even skilled professionals with hundreds of treatments under their belts can find themselves suddenly facing a situation where a client alleges using the service resulted in some form of loss that they hold the esthetician liable for. Here are some real-world examples which highlight the vitality that professional liability insurance becomes for protecting both personal finances and career:

  • While walking a client to your booth, they trip over some loose cords around your space and shatter their pelvis. Months later, you receive notice they are filing suit for their medical bills, lost work, and other expenses. The costs of the claim and legal defense fees would all be covered under the General Liability provisions of your esthetician policy.

  • A client alleges that your brazilian waxing session lifted and burnt their skin which required numerous doctor visits and therapy to heal. Waxes are some of the most common claims that befall professional estheticians. A client alleging injury and damages could demand thousands in restitution. Your Professional Liability provisions provide up to $2 million per occurrence for these types of events.


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